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Cycling on the islands is an unique experience. Wherever you go, sooner or later you will end up on a beach and the views are fascinating – both toward the coast and toward the other archipelagos. The islands themselves are still witnessing the past times and a way of life which does not change so quickly here. The two nearest islands to the mainland, Ugljan and Pasman, are interconnected by a bridge and good boat connections to the mainland and are appealing to all cyclists. The island of Vir with its red rocks and the island of Pag with a surreal lunar landscape will surely offer a unique and unforgettable riding experience. Recreative riders and families can explore the coastal towns or find a beach only for themselves while road cyclists have the main road on disposal, which is with low traffic and it connects the islands providing sea views throughout the ride. As for MTB, there is an amazing network of paths and trails that allow interesting XC and exploring of the interior.

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