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Notice to Cyclists

This map and accompanying information is intended solely to assist cyclists in their selection of routes to ride on throughout Zadar Region. In providing this information, Zadar Region Tourist Board (ZTB) does not designate these routes as formal bikeways. ZTB also does not assume liability for bicyclists who choose to travel upon any of the routes shown on this maps, nor does ZTB guarantee the stability, condition or fitness of any of the listed routes for cycling. Riders should also remain alert for areas of visual impairment and other irregularities that may impact rider and motorist ability to see each other or potential road hazards. The chance that one may come into an area of visual impairment or a route irregularity warrants special care on the part of route users.

This map includes facilities within multiple jurisdictions. Conditions and design elements may vary between jurisdictions.

It is the responsibility of the individual rider to remain alert at all times as to the conditions of the facility, pedestrian and other traffic on the routes, and the inherent potential for conflict in any shared-use space. Riders should always ride with care for their own safety as well as the safety of all other users of the facility or right-of-way.

ZTB disclaims responsibility and shall not be answerable or held accountable in any matter for loss, damage or injury that may be suffered along any route marked as Zadar Bike Magic.

Use at your own risk.